Renewal of discrete civil works along the French Moselle

These works, some of which are nearly a century old, have benefited from corrective maintenance throughout their existence.

In 2010 VNF’s Direction Territoriale Nord-Est embarked upon a vast and ambitious programme to renew all of the civil works of the River Moselle, which was based on internal expertise, comprehensive diagnostics as well as a global study carried out by an external planning office. This programme, approved by VNF’s Director General in August 2010, represents an investment of approximately 120 million euro between 2010 and 2020 and will allow the focus to be shifted onto preventive maintenance of the works.


This involves the following civil works in particular:

- 12 navigation dams

-17 large locks

- 6 Freycinet gauge locks

- 5 large lock guard gates

- 3 Freycinet gauge guard gates



Since 2010 a number of large construction sites have been launched, including:


- replacement of black steel Galle chains by stainless steel Galle chains at the Pont-à-Mousson, Pompey-Frouard and Jouy-aux-Arches weirs

- replacement of windlasses and Galle chains at the Koenigsmacker and Apach weirs

- renovation of the roller gate weirs at Uckange and Argancy: replacement of the end sections and anti-corrosive protection and renovation of the civil engineering works above the water surface

- replacement of the gates and overhauling the civil engineering work of the large locks at Richemont, Talange, Metz, Thionville and Ars/Moselle…

- Since 2013 a heavy maintenance project for the Aingeray, Chaudenay and Villey-le-Sec weirs, all in the sector of the Moselle furthest upstream, has been carried out each summer. The project is concerned with refurbishing the anti-corrosive protection on the gates (each weir has three gates), renovating the civil engineering work, and improving the safety features. This project is slated to continue until the summer of 2016; by then the last three gates (one per weir) will have been reconditioned.


Source: Direction Territoriale Nord-Est de VNF

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