New recommendation of the European Commission on means to address the impact of automation and digitalisation on the transport workforce

On 29 November 2023, the European Commission (EC) adopted a recommendation on means to address the impact of automation and digitalisation on the transport workforce which is addressed to European and national transport stakeholders (i.e. employers, workers, education and training providers, sector associations and the social partners), civil society organisations, policymakers and public authorities at national and regional level.

With this recommendation the EC raises awareness of the changes in the transport sector and invites relevant stakeholders to consider and promote different means to ensure a just transition for transport workers, namely by

  • raising awareness of the impact of automation and digitalisation to prepare for a future involving both in a fair and just way;
  • assessing skills needs and promoting training to ensure a good match between skills demand and supply in an automated and digitalised work environment;
  • improving working conditions, and recognising the important role of social dialogue in managing change and fostering workplace innovation;
  • managing change in a proactive and participatory manner; and
  • making use of relevant funding opportunities to manage the transition, ensuring inclusiveness and accessibility for workers in all their diversity, in particular those at higher risk of exclusion.

The entire text of the recommendation (EU) 2024/236 is available here.



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